What insurance do I need to be a preservation contractor?

As far as paperwork goes- you will need a $1 million insurance coverage for GL and E&O - and whomever you obtain insurance with needs to cover the Mortgage Field Services industry. Below are the top insurance companies in the business to help give you some directives. 

Click the icons below next to the company names to be re-directed to their website. 

*Next Insurance is not accepted as they do not cover Mortgage Field Services*

Click here for Brunswick Companies 

Click here for York-Jersey Underwriters Inc

Click here for Assured Partners

What is an Aspen Grove (ABC#) number? 

You will need the Aspen Grove Number (ABC#) in order to remain on board. We give you 30 days after you receive your PPW account to have the information. We do not run background checks for you- this is something you must do. Once completed- you will be assigned a ABC# that you renew every year and you can use with all companies. 

Click the envelope icon to be re-directed to AspenGrove's website to start the background check process. 

What about Tools and Materials?

You are responsible for your own tools, vehicles, equipment, locks, and other items needed for this business. We do have a great relationship with MFS supply and they have created a coupon code for our active contractors. Once onboarded if you would like this code- please reach out to us. 

Click the camera below to be re-directed to MFS Supply's website.